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8 f l o r i d a d o c t o r he number of cataract surgeries in the United States has soared to 3.6 million and is expect- ed to rapidly grow in the coming years as life expectancy continues to increase. In the past five years this procedure has had an astonishing array of advances which have not only re- sulted in a correction of the patient's vision, but have also allowed surgeons to achieve a substantially higher level of clarity, precision and accuracy. ese advances have enabled surgeons to provide better results that substantially benefit the lives of their patients. Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery e use of laser technology within the medical field has soared in recent years, and it is within this area that many of the advanced developments in cataract surgery lie. Previously available only with refractive surgery, such as LASIK, the use of lasers such as the cutting-edge femtosecond laser technology has elevated the levels of accuracy, safety and predictability that patients experi- ence with cataract surgery. is advanced femtosecond laser assists the surgeon when making the corneal incision. e laser is also used when per- forming the anterior capsulotomy and lens and cataract frag- mentation steps. is results in a reduced risk to the patient while improving the surgery's visual outcome. Setting New Standards in Specialized Vision Care Improving Patient Eye Sight rough Advanced Developments in Cataract Surgery 8 f l o R I d a d o c t o R COVER STORY: Florida Eye Specialists By Dr. Amit Chokshi T

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